Ideas for Corporate Celebrating

Create Something:

Create a time capsule -- everyone brings a "show and tell" type item, such as a photo, tells about why it is significant, and places it in the "time capsule." The time capsule could be a decorated box, or whatever is needed to store the items. If the item is not tangible (e.g. a fun memory or story), the associate brings something that might represent the item, such as a small memento, or the story typed out on paper.

Create a department museum with various paraphernalia from the different businesses from which associates came This could include t-shirts, pens, and old give-away items.

Create a department address book with addresses, e-mail addresses and phone numbers of all the department members.

Video tape associates telling "Road Stories," or stories about problems in their travels while at the company.

Create "home movies" -- Bring in a video camera and videotape associates sharing memories of various happenings and associates, and reminiscing about the past. This could be copied and given to each member of the department.

Videotape any retirement/leaving parties.

Have a central location for associates to submit best story -- have categories for oldest, most embarrassing, etc., and give prizes for "winners."

Create an "I Bequeath..." booklet.

Have a photo of the people in the department taken by a professional photographer.


Create regular times to have fun, be together, talk and reflect -- for example, rent a movie, go offsite, have popcorn and soda; or maybe a trip to the zoo.

Have a photo exchange -- photos can be swapped, copied or shared.

Give everyone in the department disposable cameras, so they can take pictures of the people and things they want to remember.

Have a garage sale/swap shop of old items from the past.

In department meetings, have a roundtable discussion where people share their dreams of the future.

Have everyone share why they made the decision they did; have the people who are moving share pictures of new living quarters, building, etc.

At a department meeting or get-together, have all associates fill out a series of questions and share the answers, with questions like:
The part of working here I enjoyed most is:
The highlight of my time here was:
The part of working here I can make most use of is:
Something I learned about myself is:
Something I learned about others is:
One thing I regret not having done is:
The one thing I am looking forward to the most is:

Manager's Actions:

Managers should continue to thank people for the job they are doing.

Create and celebrate minor, short term milestones, particularly around items and processes that have been transitioned. Continue to find things and ways to celebrate.

Keep reinforcing the professionalism with which we conduct ourselves -- how we remember ourselves and how others remember us -- our legacy.

Invite Personal Assistance Counselors to participate in staff meetings -- just to listen and help clarify and point out positives.

Recognize this as a process -- use staff meetings to incorporate various components -- e.g. one week have an exchange, one week everyone wear old logo t-shirts, one week the deparment celebrates someone's moving or leaving.


Have a raffle/lottery for predicting the last date for the deparment.

Collect a series of department or company mementos, and give everyone Monopoly money to use to bid on and purchase the items.

Have a raffle where managers give time/effort to an associate (washing the associate's car, or raking leaves).

Give away /raffle off old flags and banners

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